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Josanne Buchanan

Research assistant, Children's Media Lab, Ryerson University

Josanne Buchanan is a Toronto-based children’s media and psychology researcher who leverages high-quality arts and science research to support all content creators in developing excellent children’s media.

As a skilled science researcher with the acumen of a media maven, Josanne has several years of experience developing educational digital media, consulting with media industry leaders, conducting user research, and working directly with children in the non-profit sector. Situated at the nexus between psychology and the screen, Josanne’s research and consulting roles provide industry leaders with insights that are crucial for developing content that promotes diversity, inclusion, and prosocial learning. Her commitment to ensuring that all children see themselves fully represented on screen fuels her work to support producers, game-developers, curriculum specialists, and more.

Josanne Buchanan is currently completing a Psychology Specialist degree (Honours Bachelor of Science) and a Visual Studies Minor degree at the University of Toronto. She is an active, 4th-year psychology researcher who studies infant cognition and the impact of media messages at the Toronto Early Cognition Lab and the Social Perception and Cognition Lab.


  • 2019–2021
    Research Assistant, Children's Media Lab