Joseph Tzanopoulos

Senior Lecturer in Landscape and Biodiversity Conservation, University of Kent

I am a landscape ecologist working on biodiversity conservation using a landscape approach that integrates ecological and socio-economic aspects in order to monitor and assess the impacts of policy scenarios on biodiversity and networks of protected areas. My academic background is interdisciplinary, with a BSc in Agricultural Sciences from the Agricultural University of Athens, a PhD in vegetation ecology from Imperial College London and ten years of research experience, collaborating with economists, sociologists and rural geographers on major national and European funded research projects in the field of biodiversity conservation. Prior to my appointment at Kent as a lecturer in Landscape and Biodiversity Conservation, I worked as research fellow at Wye College, Imperial College London, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and CAER (University of Reading).

My main research interests include:

Reconciling biodiversity conservation and sustainable development on rural areas; collaborating with scholars across disciplines to identify drivers of change and actors involved in complex land-use systems, unearth conflicts among stakeholders and competing sectors, and develop strategies and policy recommendations for sustainable development.
Impacts of land-use changes and landscape fragmentation on mountain and island ecosystems, including agricultural landscapes and their biodiversity.
Plant ecology including vegetation succession, spatial modelling, estimation of disturbance thresholds and agroecology.
Nature conservation policy and governance: issues of scale and space in socio-ecological systems.