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Professor, Criminology, University of Manchester

Julia is British Academy Global Professor, with a four-year award for research on changing patterns of drug supply, and the impact of decriminalisation and legalisation initiatives on the quality of drug policy making, stakeholder inclusion and reduction of drug related harms. Her research, teaching and supervision interests focus on illicit drug markets and the impact of counter narcotics policies on development, gender equality and security. She has experience of applied and practice focused research in intersecting areas of policy design and evaluation, including conflict, rights based and gender sensitive processes. She has geographical expertise on Latin America and is a specialist on Venezuela.

Julia was previously Professor of Comparative Politics, Associate Dean and Acting Dean at the School of Public Policy, Central European University in Budapest and has held research, teaching and / or management positions in Peace Studies at the University of Bradford, Georgetown University (School of Foreign Service) and Kingston University. Recent drug related publications include the open access edited collections (with L. Burger and G. Margo) The Impact of Global Drug Policy on Women: Shifting the Needle (Emerald 2020) and (with K. Tinasti and M. Chinery Hesse) Drug Policies and Development: Conflict and Co-Existence (Brill 2020)