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Julián García Walther

PhD Student in Ornithology, University of South Carolina

​​Julián earned a B.S. in Biology from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico and an MSc. in International Nature Conservation from Gottingen University in Germany and Lincoln University in New Zealand. As a part of his MSc. work, he authored the Atlas de las aves playeras de Chile. For his PhD, Julián is studying the little-known shorebird Calidris canutus roselaari, the rarest of all Red Knot subspecies. Every year, roselaari Red Knots spend the winter on the warm coasts of western Mexico then migrate thousands of kilometers to breed on Wrangel Island, Russia and in Western Alaska. Climate change is causing the Arctic to warm faster than any other region of the planet and Julian will investigate how these changes are influencing the development and survival of young knots.


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    PhD Student of Ornithology, University of South Carolina