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Associate Professor of Criminology, University of Cambridge

Justice Tankebe is Associate Professor of Criminology and a Fellow at St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge. He holds an MPhil degree in criminological research and a PhD in criminology from the University of Cambridge. Justice has held postdoctoral research fellowships from the ESRC, the British Academy, and Fitzwilliam College. Prior to his current appointment, he was a teaching associate on the Police Executive Programme at the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge. Justice attended Agogo State Secondary School (now Agogo State College), Ghana. He studied sociology at the University of Ghana, Legon, where he also worked as a teaching assistant.

Justice's interests lie in policing, legitimation and legitimacy, organisational justice, corruption, vigilantism and extra-legal punishment, comparative criminology, sociology of law, crime and criminal justice in sub-Saharan Africa. His current research projects include legitimacy and counter-terrorism policing, corruption among prospective elites, sentencing decision-making in Ghana, the death penalty in Africa, and police self-legitimacy. Students interested in doctoral studies in any of these areas of interest should contact Justice with a synopsis of their research proposal.

Selected Publications
Journal Articles
Tankebe, J (2019) Cooperation With the Police Against Corruption: Exploring the Roles of Legitimacy, Deterrence and Collective Action Theories, The British Journal of Criminology 59(6): 1390–1410
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Tankebe, J. Colonialism, legitimation, and policing in Ghana. International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, 36(1): 67-84.

Books and Book Chapters
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    Lecturer in Criminology, University of Cambridge