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Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Manchester

Justin Evans is a senior lecturer in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester. He is an experimental particle physicist, specialising in the study of the neutrino.

He learnt the trade of neutrino physics working in the MINOS Collaboration, a long-baseline neutrino experiment based in the US. He was a lead author on the world’s most precise measurement of the atmospheric neutrino mass splitting, and the world’s first precision measurement of the oscillations of muon antineutrinos. He then became the Collaboration’s Physics Coordinator and led to publication a search for sterile neutrinos.

He is now the UK PI of the SuperNEMO project, an experiment that will search for neutrinoless double-beta decay at the Laboratoire Souterraine de Modane in France. At Manchester, he led the construction of Geiger cells for the SuperNEMO tracking detector.

He is a member of the DUNE Collaboration, which aims to discover CP violation in the neutrino sector. He is leading the construction of anode planes that will form part of the protoDUNE detector prototype at CERN. He is also a founder member of the IceCube-Gen2 collaboration, focusing on the development of the low-energy physics programme to measure the rate of tau neutrino appearance and determine the neutrino mass hierarchy.

He serves on STFC’s Particle Physics Grants Panel, and is the BSc Programme Director in the University of Manchester School of Physics and Astronomy.


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    Senior Lecturer in Physics, University of Manchester