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Justin J Couchman

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Albright College

I enjoy teaching General Psychology because it exposes students to new ideas and gives them an idea and perspective on the mind that goes beyond the “common sense” explanations they have learned in their lives. I also teach Cognitive Psychology, where we delve deeper into the core functions of the mind and see how we solve problems, understand language and make decisions. We also look at many cognitive biases that strongly affect our thinking, despite the fact that we are usually not aware of them. In the past I have taught Perception, which focuses on how the mind makes sense of sensory information and how we come to understand color, sound, and other experiences that we often take for granted. I have also taught Psychology of Language, where we explored the effects of language on thinking and learned about different aspects of speech, and Research Methods where we learned the basics of psychological research, how it differs from other types of investigation, and how to prepare oneself for empirical investigation. My senior seminar courses include Comparative Psychology and in Metacognition, both of which focus on fascinating current issues in specific research areas.


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    Assistant Professor of Psychology, Albright College