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Professor of Information Systems, University of Hertfordshire

Information Systems (IS) encompasses information technology, hardware, software, process, and people. It is not only about technologies. I research the adoption, use and diffusion of Information Systems where I have researched the adoption, use and adoption of broadband, online social networks and have also considered the usability of electronic government websites. From these studies I have found that there are several common strands that lead to people accepting, using and diffusing technology. For example, knowledge, influence from people close to us, the communication channels all have an important role in our lives.
I also do examine the policies associated with the development and implementation of new technologies. These research interests have led to publications in high ranking peer reviewed journals such as, European Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Information Technology and comments within the media in trade magazines such as, Computing and daily newspapers such as, the Guardian and Times Online.
Presently, ageing is an issue in countries around the globe, which has led to my research interests in this topic. I have completed research to determine the adoption, use and diffusion of Facebook, the adoption, use and diffusion of smartphones within the older population and currently, tablet devices. Small to Medium Sized enterprises are also pertinent for economies and their acceptance and use of technologies is critical. I have written on how a small to medium sized company adopted, used and diffused smartphones.


  • –present
    Professor of Information Systems, University of Hertfordshire


  • 2000 
    Brunel University, PhD, Information Systems