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Kara Gray-Burrows

Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences & Complex Intervention Methodology, University of Leeds

Dr Kara Gray-Burrows

I am a Lecturer in Behavioural Sciences & Complex Intervention Methodology in the School of Dentistry at the University of Leeds, UK.

I am a Chartered psychologist working in both research and teaching. The key focus of my research is in improving population health, particularly the health of children and young people. My main interests are in behaviour change, the development and evaluation of complex interventions, with further interests in implementation science, systems approaches, and patient and public involvement in research. I work with a range of stakeholders, including health professionals, early-years workers, charities, government bodies, and commercial companies to develop and evaluate preventive interventions to improve the oral health of young children. I have a passion for involving patients and the public in research, including using creative methods to actively engage children in research with the aim of producing high-quality needs-led research that can inform policy and practice.