ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, Evolution of Earth & Life Systems Research Group, UNSW

My interests lie within the fields of mammalian palaeontology, taxonomy, morphology, phylogeny,ontogeny and biocorrelation. My area of special expertise is vombatomorphian marsupials (including koalas and diprotodontoids). Over the course of my research I have named new families, genera and species of marsupials including: Maradidae (Black 2007), Marada, Marada arcanum (Black 2007); Diprotodontidae, Silvabestius, Silvabestius johnnilandi,S. michaelbirti (Black & Archer 1997a); Palorchestidae, Palorchestes anulus (Black 1997); Phascolarctidae, Nimiokoala, Nimiokoala greystanesi (Black & Archer 1997b); Litokoala garyjohnstoni (Louys, Black, Archer, Hand & Godthelp 2007); Pseudocheiridae, Pseudokoala cathysantamaria (Archer, Black & Nettle 1997) .


  • –present
    ARC Postdoctoral Fellow, UNSW


  • 2008 
    University of New South Wales, Ph. D

Research Areas

  • Palaeontology (Incl. Palynology) (040308)
  • Animal Systematics And Taxonomy (060301)
  • Palaeoecology (060206)


The Australian Academy of Science Dorothy Hill Award