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Karthikeyan Kandan

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, De Montfort University

Early in my research career, I focused on deformation and failure mechanism of composites materials under extreme loading. This work had a direct impact and led the way to the development of new armours to protect personnel and infrastructure against blast and ballistic loading. Since then, I worked on the mechanics of three-dimensionally architectured composite materials and digital manufacturing. The major contribution from this research is the much new understanding of the deformation and failure mechanisms of novel composite materials – linking these to the properties of the materials, and geometry of the structures.

Since 2017, my research focused on developing new affordable prosthetic socket manufacturing based on upcycled materials and a suite of digital technologies, which has delivered prosthesis at a fraction of the cost than that of the high-end prosthesis cost several thousands of dollars. By doing so, I formulated frugal and inclusive manufacturing approaches for fabricating custom-fit prosthetic socket which is: accessible, comfortable, perspiration comfort, able to accommodate ageing (crucial for limb-deficient child), while also being able to provide further research opportunities to unobtrusively integrate flexible biocompatible sensors for preventive care. In parallel, I am working on cross-sectoral research program on the plastic brick, inspired by the Baya weaver nest, has been proven to provide 10 times better insulation than traditional bricks made from clay - drastically reduces both the cost of building and energy-related costs.


  • 2019–present
    Associate professor, De Montfort University
  • 2017–2019
    Senior lecturer, De Montfort University


  • 2013 
    University of Cambridge, PhD


  • 2021
    Thermal performance of additively manufactured polymer lattices, Journal of Building Engineering
  • 2020
    Bird’s nest inspires design of thermally efficient bricks printed from plastic waste, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers−Civil Engineering
  • 2020
    Out-of-plane compressive response of additively manufactured cross-ply composites, Journal of Mechanics
  • 2019
    Effect of sliding conditions on the macroscale lubricity of multilayer graphene coatings deposited on Nickel by CVD, Surface and Coating Technology
  • 2019
    High strain rate compressive response of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibre composites, International Journal of Plasticity

Grants and Contracts

  • 2019
    Upcycled Plastic Prosthetics
    Funding Source:
    Royal Academy of Engineering