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Research Fellow, Climate & Energy College, The University of Melbourne

Dr Kate Dooley is a Research Fellow at Melbourne University’s Climate & Energy College. Kate has policy expertise on forest governance, climate change and carbon accounting and has almost two decades experience advising government and non-government organisations. Kate has worked globally with environmental movements and non-governmental organisations, focussing on the intersection of forest governance and climate policy. She has been following the UN climate negotiations since 2009, focusing on the role of forests and land-use in climate mitigation, and how human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples are central to these efforts. Kate has published on rights-based approaches to ecosystem restoration, the politics of forest carbon accounting, and land-use for sustainable development. She is currently researching the potential for ambitious restoration of natural ecosystems to remove and lock up atmospheric carbon.


  • 2018–present
    Research fellow, University of Melbourne


  • 2019 
    University of Melbourne, PhD
  • 2009 
    Imperial College London, MSc