Kate L. Loveland

Professor and NHMRC Senior Research Fellow in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Anatomy & Developmental Biology, Monash University

Kate Loveland obtained her PhD from Duke University (USA) in 1987 and joined Monash University in 1989. Her long-standing interest is in the developing male germ cell and applying her knowledge to investigate the aetiology of testicular cancer and male infertility. She received the 2004 Young Investigator Award from the American Society for Andrology and the 2010 Monash University Vice Chancellor’s Award for Postgraduate Supervision. Kate has roles in several professional societies, including the Society for Reproductive Biology, National Association of Research Fellows, American Society for Andrology and Society for the Study of Reproduction. She is an Associate Editor for Andrology and reviewing editor for Biology of Reproduction, Spermatogenesis, and Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. Her current research addresses how paracrine and endocrine signaling are integrated and how regulated transport of proteins into the nucleus control cell fate in the testis.


  • 2010–present
    Professor, Monash University


  • 1987 
    Duke University, PhD

Research Areas

  • Paediatrics And Reproductive Medicine (1114)