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Honorary Senior Fellow in Urban Geography and Planning, The University of Melbourne

Kate Shaw is an Honorary Fellow in Urban Geography and Planning. She is currently writing a book from her latest research which focuses on urban renewal in the 21st century. The book is titled 'The squander and salvage of urban waterfronts', to be published by Palgrave MacMillan. It starts from the premise that the economic case for growth has combined with the environmental case for limiting urban sprawl to produce an irresistible logic for increasing the densities of Australian cities. The research then explores ways of improving on the renewal projects of the last 50 years, by examining the legislative, regulatory, financial, political and cultural barriers to socially equitable urban development.

Kate’s background is in alternative cultures. She has particular interest in Melbourne’s live music and indie arts scenes, and advises governments and local campaigns on planning and policies to maintain them. Before the current research she completed an ARC discovery project in the Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning at Melbourne University titled 'Planning the ‘creative city’: reconciling global strategies with local subcultures' (2009-2012). Prior to this she was research associate on a large linkage project titled 'Transnational and Temporary: students, community and place-making in central Melbourne' (2005-2008). Before becoming research-only, Kate taught planning law, statutory planning, urban design, and ran classes on political economy, gentrification and the cultures of cities.

Her previous books include 'Across Theory and Practice: Thinking Through Urban Research', Berlin: Jovis, co-edited with Monika Grubbauer (2018) and 'Whose Urban Renaissance? An international comparison of urban regeneration strategies', London: Routledge, co-edited with Libby Porter (2009).


  • 2005–present
    Dr Kate Shaw, University of Melbourne


  • 2005 
    University of Melbourne, PhD

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  • 2012
    Future Fellowship
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