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Professor of Environmental Geochemistry, Queen Mary University of London

Kate has over 20 experience as an environmental geochemist and coastal scientist. Her work is interdisciplinary and she works with geomorphologists, modellers, oceanographers, engineers and ecologists to provide the fundamental science to help manage sediment and pollutants in coasts, estuaries and lowland rivers. Much of her work explores how climate change (sea level rise, flooding, erosion) and anthropogenic activities impact polluted sediments and the potential consequences for ecological health and the water environment. She has also worked with material scientists and engineers to develop innovative approaches to examine the microscale structure of sediments to help predict their transport and how coastal salt marshes respond to storm events. She has been president of the Estuarine and Coastal Science Association and provided expert advice to Defra, the Environment Agency, the United Nations and the environmental sector on issues associated with sediment pollution, sediment management and historic landfills.


  • 2003–2021
    Prof, Queen Mary University of London