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Katherine Weisensee

Professor of Anthropology, Clemson University

My current research focuses on estimating the time of death or postmortem interval in medicolegal death investigations. Research funded by the National Institute of Justice utilizes an application, geoFOR to provide predictions of the postmortem interval. I also continue to examine changes that have occurred in the craniofacial morphology of modern populations during the past 200 years. The past two centuries have been a unique experiment on the effects of extreme environmental change on human populations. I am exploring both the proximate and ultimate causes underlying the effects of changes in mortality patterns, migration rates, and socio-economic parameters in a modern population and their outcomes on the phenotype. I have also been working as a forensic anthropology consultant for various counties in the Upstate of South Carolina. When skeletal remains are discovered, I assist law enforcement officers with the identification of the remains.


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    Professor of Anthropology, Clemson University