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Research Associate, Murdoch University

Katinka is an affiliate of the Centre of Excellence for Climate Change Woodland and Forest Health at Murdoch University.

I am currently responsible for co-ordinating research investigating tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala) woodland restoration and regeneration.

The underlying reasons for the tuart decline are not yet clear but are likely to be a combination of factors, including climate variability, hydrological and salinity factors, impact of plant pathogens, changes in the ecological balance between insects and their predators and parasites, and adjacent land clearing and road-works.

Research into the decline of tuart is continuing. Meanwhile, methods of increasing the success of restoration of declining and /or degraded woodlands are being investigated.

Since my appointment at Murdoch, I have been actively involved in assisting with a range of projects:

- Advising the Department of Environment and Conservation regarding the restoration of the Ludlow Tuart Forest. This involves running restoration trials that are applicable to large-scale restoration efforts in degraded woodlands.

- Researching methods of increasing the success of restoration of Yalgorup National Park, the epicentre of the tuart decline.

- Co-ordinating a seed collection program in Yalgorup National Park. This involves Members of Friends Groups, the Department of Environment and Conservation Fairbridge Trainees, staff from local councils and members of the community.

- Supervising PhD, Honours and Independent Study Contract students

- Liaising with internal and external stakeholders including State and Local government agencies, consultants, media and the community

- Organising workshops and meetings with internal and external stakeholders


  • –present
    Research Associate, Murdoch University


  • 2002 
    University of Western Australia , PhD (Department of Botany)