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Lecturer in quantum physics, Monash University

My research focuses on several related but distinct areas. The first is the studies of noisy quantum correlations and their advantage over classical correlations in different models of computation, communication, and metrology. This is an exciting and growing field that aims to understand the differences between the quantum and classical worlds, using the tools of information theory, computation, thermodynamics, and many-body physics.

Another research direction focuses on understanding noisy dynamical models. A central obstacle in predicting the future states of a dynamical system is to understand how much of the system's past affects its future. This topic is crucial for understanding the necessary resources to model the dynamics of an arbitrary system. Many of the problems presented in the detailed proposal are motivated by technological gains, while others will be motivated by foundational issues, such as the measurement problem and the quantum to classical transition.


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    Lecturer in quantum physics, Monash University