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Keith Altmann

I retired as a professional Civil Engineer/Town Planner circa 2015. I initially commenced employment with the former Country Roads Board and stayed with them from 1964-973, during which time I also completed a Town and regional Planning degree at Melb Uni.I then spent some 3 years with the former Town & Country Planning Board before shifting into Local Government in a number of roles up to Municipal Engineer/Town Planner between 1976 and 1993. In 1993 I established a Town Planning Civil Engineering consultancy based in Sunbury which operated until I sold it in two parts between 2011-2013.
I am currently member of Planning Institute Australia and Engineers Australia. Since 2015 I have been active in Engineers Australia (Vic) as Chair and Deputy Chair of the the Sustainable Engineering Society, which has organised a 2016 National Conference focussed on sustainability. It also undertakes continuing professional development events for Engineers.

Outside professional activities, involved with family, bike riding, local community activities.

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  • Woodend, Victoria, Australia
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