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Professor of Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University

Dr Kevin Albertson is an eclectic economist with a background in statistics and economics, but now he has escaped (to some extent) from the numerical world of Econometrics into the applied worlds of: Behavioural Economics; Economics and Crime – he is co-author of the critically acclaimed text book ‘Crime and Economics: An Introduction’ –; and the analysis of government policy. His other books include “Justice Reinvestment: Can the Criminal Justice System Deliver More for Less?” and “How to Run the Country Manual”, and (with Stevienna de Saille) Responsibility Beyond Growth: A Case for Responsible Stagnation.

Kevin’s research interests range from business and social forecasting, through: the frontiers of computing; who is really to blame for the €-zone crisis; social innovation; crime; and the application of classical and behavioural economics to socio-political issues. He is a co-founder and author on the departmental blog ‘Eomics’ (Economics without the con) where has fulminated at short-length on current social challenges.

Kevin’s long-term goal is to determine (in theory) and consume (in practice) the utility maximising level of chocolate; he says his favourite function is the Keynesian consumption function and his favourite colour is coffee.


  • –present
    Reader in Economics, Manchester Metropolitan University


  • 1992 
    University of Canterbury, Economics