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Indonesia Director, Monash University

Mr Kevin Evans is Indonesia Director at the Australia-Indonesia Centre. He has worked as a diplomat, stockbroker, academic and NGO activist during the past thirty years he has lived in Indonesia. With the onset of political reform in Indonesia in 1998, Kevin became engaged in a wide range of governance reform issues including constitutional reform, civil service reform, electoral, parliamentary and political party reform and decentralisation. Initially he worked inside the presidential team that drafted the first post-Suharto-era laws, which promoted the democratisation of the political system. Later, Kevin lived for four years in Aceh working on post-tsunami reconstruction with government ministers to create policies and lead institutions focused on corruption prevention. Prior to joining the Australia-Indonesia Centre, Kevin worked closely with the President’s Delivery Unit (Unit Kerja Presiden Bidang Pengawasan dan Pengendalian Pembangunan - UKP4), advising on a number of environmental governance programs. Kevin was posted by the UN to Afghanistan during 2002-2003 to assist develop new commissions governing the civil service human rights, elections, the judicial system and constitutional reform. He has also been engaged in supporting reforms to election and counter-corruption systems in Egypt, East Timor, Fiji, and Turkey. Kevin’s interest in electoral politics has led him to develop his own website that transforms Indonesian election results into colourful charts, tables and maps, together with research and other writing.