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Lecturer in Law, University of New England

Dr Kip Werren has experience in professional legal practice and professional accounting practice.

Kip completed his PhD at Western Sydney University. The title of the dissertation is 'Utilising Taxation Incentives to Promote Private Sector Funded Conservation'. An individual’s behaviour cannot be fully explained by their reaction to financial inducements and self-interest. Much of the public discussion of natural resource management centres on the assertion that landholders should be motivated by ideals of sustainability and good environmental outcomes to sacrifice their individual interests in order to protect the collective interests of society. At the other end of the spectrum, many institutional designers take the view that they cannot rely on the virtue of landholders but instead must rely on regulations and market incentives which appeal entirely to the self-interest of landholders. Perhaps a better view is that individuals may be subject to self-interest but they are not bereft of other motivations or concerns such as community interest. Suitable incentives coupled with the goodwill of landholders, are the key ingredients to the promotion of conservation. The problem lies in finding sufficient funds to meet the ever expanding requirements of environmental conservation. The economic and environmental pressures facing Australia suggest that the underlying funding capacity of Australian governments and landholders to meet conservation activities will rapidly decline.

Kip is currently involved in researching new Natural Resource Management funding models with the Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law at the University of New England.

Research Interests:

Estate Planning and Succession

Asset Protection

Business Structures

Law and Agriculture

Conservation Funding


  • –present
    Lecturer in Law, University of New England


    CPA, CPA of CPA Australia
    Institute of Public Accountants, Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants
    Supreme Court of New South Wales, Solicitor
  • 2016 
    Western Sydney University, PhD in Law
  • 1999 
    University of New England, BFA LLB (First Class Hons) (UNE),