ERC Project Manager, EpiTwin project, King's College London

I am currently the Project Manager for the EpiTwin project. This project is a collaboration with the Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) looking at the DNA obtained from whole blood for twins and comparing them with the patterns in their co-twin. Twin studies usually concentrate on the similarities between the twins, but for the purpose of this project, we will concentrate on the differences between twins. Initially the team will focus on obesity, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, osteoporosis and longevity.


  • 2009–present
    Quality Assurance Co-ordinator and Tutor for the Distance Learning MSc in Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • –present
    ERC Project Manager, EpiTwin project, King's College London
  • 2010–2010
    Data Analyst , King's College London
  • 2006–2009
    Research Fellow for the Cochrane Heart Group , London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • 2005–2006
    Postdoctoral researcher , Institute Pasteur de Lille
  • 2001–2002
    Clinical Scientist , LCG Biosciences
  • 2000–2001
    Grade A Clinical Scientist, The Tissue Typing Laboratory, Addenbrookes Hospital
  • 1999–2000
    Medical Technical Officer (MTO) Grade 1 , Molecular Genetics Laboratory, Addenbrookes Hospital
  • 1998–1999
    Medical Technical Officer (MTO) Grade 1 , Regional Molecular Genetics Laboratory, St.Mary’s Hospital


  • 2008 
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Introductory Certificate in Learning & Teaching
  • 2005 
    Peninsula Medical School, PhD - ‘The molecular genetics of circulating triglycerides in health and type 2 diabetes’
  • 2005 
    Peninsula Medical School, Postgraduate Certificate of Clinical Research
  • 1998 
    Univeristy of Manchester, MSc. – Biomedical and Forensic studies in Egyptology
  • 1997 
    Nottingham Trent University, BSc 2ii (hons) – Combined Studies in Biology and Chemistry


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