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Klara Jurstakova

My research interests generally include group processes and social identity, with particular focus on collective action, leadership, and mobilization rhetoric.

Current Research Projects:
My PhD research project is titled “Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia: Crowd mobilization in a repressive regime, and its long-term legacy”, supervised by Dr Evangelos Ntontis. The main aim of this project is to understand collective action during the Velvet Revolution (1989) in Czechoslovakia that led to the collapse of the 'communist' regime in Eastern and Central Europe.

I focus on different groups of people who shaped collective action and were influenced by participation in it. This involves leaders, direct participants, as well as those who did not directly participate but witnessed the changes in Czechoslovakia. I am also interested in the use of mobilization and countermobilization rhetoric of the leaders as well as state authorities, and how this influenced mobilization.