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Professor Emeritus of History, Lund University

Kristian Gerner is Professor Emeritus of History, Lund University. His research and journalism has focused on 20th century Russian (Soviet) Central and East European history and historical culture. He was Professor of East European History and Culture, Uppsala University in 1994-2002. Among his works are “The Baltic Region in History”, in The Baltic Sea Region - Cultures, Politics, Societies (Uppsala 2002), "The East Sea lies to the west. On the community of fate between Finland and Sweden - and Russia”, in1809 und die Folgen. Finnland zwischen Schweden, Russland und Deutschland. (Berlin 2011), Rysslands historia (Lund 2017), and “Ethnic Triangles, Assimilation, and the Complexities of Acculturation in a Multi-ethnic Society”, in Poland and Hungary: Jewish Realities Compared, Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry, Volume 31 (forthcoming 2018)


  • 2002–2018
    Professor, Lund University