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Kyran Graham-Schmidt

Research interests include: neuropsychological mechanisms underlying the subjective experience of the self, disturbances of the self in psychiatric disorders (particularly schizophrenia-spectrum disorders), pharmacological challenge models of psychosis (particularly dexamphetamine and ketamine models), the dopamine and NMDA-antagonist models of psychosis, endophenotypes of schizophrenia (including pre-pulse inhibition of the startle reflex).


  • 2017–2019
    Postdoctoral research fellow, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität


  • 2016 
    University of Western Australia, PhD
  • 2009 
    University of Western Australia, BSc (Hons; Pharmacology)
  • 2008 
    University of Western Australia, BSc (Neuroscience)

Research Areas

  • Biological Psychology (Neuropsychology, Psychopharmacology, Physiological Psychology) (170101)