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Lamont Lindstrom

Kendall Professor of Anthropology, University of Tulsa

Lamont Lindstrom is Kendall Professor of Anthropology and the undergraduate advisor for anthropology at the University of Tulsa where he continues his South Pacific research interests in local knowledge systems, governance, the drug kava (Piper methysticum), millenarian movements, globalization, and the ethnohistory of the Pacific War. He is faculty advisor of the student group Bi, Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered Alliance and the Lambda Alpha student anthropology honor society. He is also a research partner in Q2 Consulting, LLC, that applies quantitative and qualitative research methods to solve contemporary business and organizational research problems including program evaluation, needs assessment, and analysis of customer needs, understandings, and satisfaction.


  • –present
    Kendall Professor of Anthropology, University of Tulsa