Visiting Research Fellow, History of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cambridge

I am a visiting research fellow with Professor Gordon Dougan's team at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre at Cambridge University which specialises in the molecular mechanisms involved in infection and resistance to treatments like antibiotics.

Dr Lara Marks, D.Phil, Oxford University, FRSB, is the managing editor of, a charitable educational platform that brings together the stories about the sciences, people and places that have enabled biotechnology to transform medicine and the world we live in today.

A historian of medicine by training, Dr Marks has a wide expertise in academic research and has published numerous articles and books on a range of subjects. Internationally, she is most well known for her book Sexual Chemistry: A history of the contraceptive pill (2001, revised paperback 2010). She has also authored '"The Lock and Key" of Medicine: Monoclonal antibodies and their transformation of healthcare' (2015) and edited .Engineering Health: How biotechnology changed medicine' (2018).


  • –present
    Visiting research fellow, University of Cambridge