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Assistant Professor, Conflict Studies, Utrecht University

Lauren Gould is Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies at Utrecht University and the project leader of the Intimacies of Remote Warfare (IRW) (co-founded with Prof dr. Demmers). IRW is an evidence-based research programme that aims to inform academic, public and policy debates on the intimate realities of the remote wars waged by advanced militaries.

One of the core ‘intimacies’ IRW works on is civilian harm. IRW teams up with key societal partners (including Pax, Airwars, Amnesty) to conduct research, publish academic articles, op-eds, podcasts, documentaries, and engage in debates to make visible the asymmetrical death and suffering that occurs in remote warfare.

Dr. Gould is a lecturer at the Centre for Conflict Studies, research fellow for the Centre for Global Challenge, co-founder of the Contesting Governance platform, Public Engagement fellow and coordinator of the Summer School ‘Contemporary Conflict Analysis’. She is also a board member of the Nuhanovic War Reparation Centre.


  • 2016–present
    Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies, Utrecht University