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Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Sustainability, Royal Holloway University of London

I'm a Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Sustainability and Co-Director of the Centre for Research into Sustainability at Royal Holloway, University of London. I research and write about gender, feminism, business and ethics.

My research interests centre on responsible business and sustainability. Specifically, I research gender and inequalities, often within production in global value chains. To what extent is gender inequality exacerbated, or eased, through CSR, or social enterprise? Methodologically, my research promotes participatory, often visual, methods. I am also interested in contemporary feminism, particularly online feminist activism and social change facilitated through digital spaces.


  • 2015–2017
    Assistant professor in Corporate Sustainability and Governance, Copenhagen business school


  • 2015 
    University of Nottingham, PhD Corporate Social Responsibility


  • 2018
    “There is no time for rest”: Gendered CSR, sustainable development and the unpaid care work governance gap, Business Ethics: A European Review
  • 2018
    Disrupting the Gender Institution: Consciousness-Raising in the Cocoa Value Chain, Organization Studies
  • 2017
    Gender and Responsible Business: Expanding CSR Horizons, Routledge
  • 2017
    Empowering Women Through Corporate Social Responsibility: A Feminist Foucauldian Critique, Business Ethics Quarterly
  • 2016
    Engaging Fringe Stakeholders in Business and Society Research: Applying Visual Participatory Research Methods, Business & Society