Senior Associate, Strategic Alliances, University of Adelaide

Dr Lauren Nicotra is the Senior Associate for Strategic Alliances for the biotech company, Bionomics. Bionomics is a biopharmaceutical company committed to finding therapies for diseases of the central nervous system and for cancer.

Lauren undertook her PhD candidature at the University of Adelaide's Pharmacology department. Her PhD investigated sex differences in chronic pain: the complex interaction between 17beta-oestradiol and the innate immune system. Her PhD provided her with a solid understanding of neuroimmunology, with a key focus in chronic pain. Throughout her postgraduate studies, Lauren worked as a Project Coordinator in clinical trials at the Pain and Anaesthesia Research Clinic (PARC) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, providing her with a unique set of clinical and contract research skills.

At present, Lauren is completing her undergraduate Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice degree at the University of Adelaide.


  • 2006–present
    Miss, The University of Adelaide


  • 2009 
    The University of Adelaide, BHSc(Honours)
  • 2008 
    The University of Adelaide, BSc(Jurisprudence)


  • 2013
    Cannabinoid CB2 receptor activation attenuates cytokine-evoked mucosal damage in a human colonic explant model without changing epithelial permeability,
  • 2013
    Prostaglandin ethanolamides attenuate damage in a human explant colitis model.,
  • 2011
    Toll Like Receptors in Chronic Pain,


First Class Honours (Health Science)