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Lee Francis Skerratt

Lee’s recent work has demonstrated that the spread of the amphibian chytrid fungus has caused the global decline and extinction of frogs (Skerratt et al. 2007) which was recently acknowledged by the World Organisation for Animal Health when it made it a notifiable disease.

He has shown that sarcoptic mange is an important disease in common wombats, Vombatus ursinus, that may cause the extinction of small isolated wombat populations (Skerratt 2005).

He has identified pathogens that may be contributing to the decline of 10 of the 15 species of sea ducks in North America (Skerratt et al. 2005).

Lee leads the One Health Research Group investigating wildlife diseases affecting human and domestic animal health and biodiversity using a one health approach.


  • 2008–present
    Senior Research Fellow, James Cook University


  • 2001 
    University of Melbourne, PhD

Research Areas

  • Veterinary Epidemiology (070704)