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Professor of Crisis & Disaster Management, Bournemouth University

Lee joined the Bournemouth University Disaster Management Centre on the 1st September 2015. Lee is a trained political scientist and international relations scholar, educated at the Universities of Lancaster, Birmingham and Hull, receiving his PhD in Politics from the University of Hull in 1999. He was also awarded the title of Docent in Political Science by Karlstad University in Sweden in 2004.

Lee’s research interests cover four mains areas:

First, Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) and International Crisis Management (ICM). Presently, his research examines the role of political and policy entrepreneurs in shaping foreign policy management and emergency responses to crises and disasters. He is developing concepts of ‘entrepreneurial resilience’ in international crisis and disaster management.

Second, European Union Crisis Management, and has been awarded the prestigious title of Jean Monnet Professor twice by the European Commission (in 2003 at Hull University and in 2004 at Liverpool University) in recognition of his expertise in the field of research and teaching on the European Union and crisis management. He is particularly associated with the application of fusion theory.

Third, Regional Crisis Diplomacy and how regional actors engage in sub-state and para-diplomacy in the age of resilience. He is presently co-directing a post-doctoral research project investigating the role of regional crisis diplomacy and policy entrepreneurship during the Ukrainian crisis, funded by Sweden’s prestigious Visby Research Programme.

Fourth, Nordic (especially Swedish) politics, foreign policy, and especially Nordic policies towards the European Union. He has for example, written and edited some four books on the subject of Swedish and Nordic relations with the European Union.

Professor Miles has completed over 20 major external research projects, and, in recent years, continues to be successful, attracting over 700,000 euros of external funding since 2007 for a range of respective projects funded by Nordic Council of Ministers, the European Union (FP7 and Jean Monnet), national research councils, national governments and regional authorities...


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    Professor of Crisis & Disaster Management, Bournemouth University