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Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Since 2015, Lilian Peters PhD works as a post doctoral reseacher at the department of Midwifery Science (VUmc)/Midwifery Academy Amsterdam Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen. As an epidemiologist (registered senior scientific epidemiological researcher at PhD level at the Dutch Foundation for Medical Biological Scientific Research), she analyses data of several international data registries examining associations of different modes of birth (e.g. spontaneous vaginal birth, induced vaginal birth, caesarean section), on long-term child's health. Therefore she analyzed Australian New South Wales linkage population data (in collaboration with Western Sydney University, department of Nursing and Midwifery) and Swedish Medical Birth Register data (in collaboration with University College Cork, Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Perinatal Epidemiology). Additionally, she assesses the effect of conception, courses of subsequent pregnancy and childbirth on maternal health.

For both research topics, she is involved in two add-on studies in the population cohort study Lifelines ( In Lifelines ROAHD data of reproductive health, exposures and psychosocial data of 25.000 women will be collected in autumn 2017. Simultaneously, pregnant women will be included in the baby birth cohort Lifelines Next (n=1.500). During pregnancy, birth and 1 year postpartum questionnaire as well as biomaterial data will be collected from mother and child.

At the Midwifery Academy Amsterdam Groningen, she provides lectures on quantitative research methods using SPSS. In addition, she supervises a PhD student (University of Groningen), master students (Health Sciences of the University Amsterdam, and European Master of Midwifery of the Hannover Medical School), and bachelor students (Midwifery Academy Amsterdam Groningen).