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Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor in Anthropology, University of Gothenburg

My present research focuses on North-South migration, specifically the new Portuguese migration to the former colony of Angola. The main objective is to explore how this new form of mobility informs identities and power relations. Analytically the project departs from both integration theory and postcolonial theory, but tries to move beyond these approaches.

Over the years my research has been focused on transnational migration. I have principally explored how labour migration affects those left behind in sending societies. Through themes such as remittances, conjugal relationships, child care and return migration I have examined relationships between "stayers" and migrated family members in Europe and the US. Critical analysis of international policy on migration and development is also an area of my expertise. In addition, I have analysed the globalised everyday life of migrants living in Sweden.

Much of my empirical research has revolved around Cape Verdean migration and diaspora. As an anthropologist I have worked extensively with participant observation and I have gradually deepened my understanding of what it means to live in a family and in a nation that is globally dispersed.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer, Director of Studies - Social Anthropology , University of Gothenburg