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Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator for the Rutgers Aging Brain Health Alliance, Rutgers University - Newark

Lisa Charles is a Fitness Speaker/Coach/Instructor and CEO of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC.

As a wellness professional, Lisa now serves as the Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator for Rutgers University–Newark’s Aging & Brain Health Alliance. In this role, she has coordinated community fitness classes and has created community-based wellness workshops with support from the National Institutes of Health and New Jersey Department of Health.

Lisa is a Health & Wellness Speaker and Consultant; Certified Health Coach; Group Fitness Instructor; and Personal Trainer and Wellness/Fitness Coach. Lisa is also the creator of multiple health and wellness programs focused on Brain/Body connectivity designed to improve overall health outcomes for individuals, businesses, and community groups.

Professionally, Lisa served as a State prosecutor – putting rapists, arsonists and murderers in jail – and as a Federal prosecutor putting corrupt police and organized crime members away. She also had the chance to pursue a singing career that allowed her the opportunity to sing opera at Carnegie Hall before losing her voice. But it was not until she successfully lost over 77 lbs that Lisa finally felt she had reached her highest achievement – an achievement that compelled her to enter a life of fitness: becoming the founder of Embrace Your Fitness, LLC.

Lisa’s passion is transformation inside and out – helping individuals achieve a greater state of wellness while bringing the Fun to Fitness.

BA: Tufts University
JD: GW Lawschool


  • 2018–2020
    Fitness/Wellness Research Coordinator, Aging Brain Health Alliance