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Doctoral Researcher, RMIT University

Lisa is a researcher in the Centre for Business and Human Rights at RMIT University, where she is also completing her PhD. A labour lawyer with a research focus on gender and inequalities at work, her previous roles include adjunct professor at Australian Catholic University and the executive director of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights.

Lisa's doctoral research investigates new regulatory approaches to prevent gender-based violence and harassment at work.

Lisa has been engaged as a technical adviser for the International Labour Organisation, held senior positions within a variety of unions, and was the lead advocate for the landmark pay equity case before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission that substantially raised the rates of pay for community-sector workers.

Lisa was a member of the Victorian government's Minister Council on Women's Equality. In 2018 she was appointed by the Victorian government to assist the tripartite Building Industry Construction Committee to develop Victoria's first Women In Construction Strategy. This strategy tackles barriers to women's attraction, recruitment and retention in trades and trade related occupations in the Victorian construction industry.


  • 2018–present
    Doctoral Candidate, RMIT University
  • 2014–2021
    Adjunct Professor, Australian Catholic University
  • 2007–2015
    Executive Director, Australian Institute of Employment Rights