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University Lecturer in Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics & Society; Fellow, King's College, University of Cambridge

Dr. Lori Allen is an anthropologist and Lecturer in Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics
and Society in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of Cambridge, and a
Fellow at King’s College. Her work focuses on the occupied Palestinian territories, where
she has been conducting field research since 1997. Her interests include human rights,
nationalism, the state, and political violence. Her book, The Rise and Fall of Human
Rights: Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine (Stanford University Press, 2013),
examines the role of human rights in Palestinian politics and society, from 1979 through
the present.


  • 2007–present
    University Lecturer, University of Cambridge


  • 2005 
    University of Chicago, PhD


  • 2013
    The Rise and Fall of Human Rights: Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine, Stanford University Press
  • 2012
    "The Scales of Occupation: 'Operation Cast Lead' and the Targeting of the Gaza Strip.", Critique of Anthropology 32(3): 261-284.
  • 2009
    “Martyr Bodies in the Media: Human Rights, Aesthetics, and the Politics of Immediation in the Palestinian Intifada.” , American Ethnologist 36(1): 161-180.
  • 2009
    "Mothers of Martyrs and Suicide Bombers: The Gender of Ethical Discourse in the Second Palestinian Intifada." , Arab Studies Journal 17(1): 32-61.
  • 2008
    “Getting by the Occupation: How Violence Became Normal during the Second Palestinian Intifada.” , Cultural Anthropology 23(3): 453-487.
  • 2006
    “The Polyvalent Politics of Martyr Commemorations in the Palestinian Intifada.” History and Memory 18(2): 107-138, 2006. , History and Memory 18(2): 107-138.
  • 2006
    “Social Security: How Palestinians Survive a Humanitarian Crisis.” Middle East Report 240: 12-19, 2006., Middle East Report 240: 12-19.