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Associate Professor of Geography and Women's Studies, Penn State

My scholarship is rooted in a feminist approach to geopolitics that enables more fluid conceptualizations of compassion, identity, and individuality as related to understanding everyday life, private spaces, and the lives of women and other marginalized groups. Conventional geopolitics pays disproportionate attention to the immediate, dramatic, and masculine actions of statecraft, especially the advancement of arms and explosive demonstrations of force. In the early part of my career, in collaboration with Joann Sharp, I questioned how our respective research projects could expand on the then current theories of critical geopolitics, which we maintained would require engagement with feminist and postcolonial theory. Our article “A Feminist Geopolitics,” maintained the necessity for a feminist geopolitics, with its detail to everyday forms of politics. In my current research, I expand my initial question of a feminist geopolitics. Drawing from feminist geopolitics and ethics of care literature, I propose a caring geopolitics in a world where hate fuels racist and xenophobic hate crimes; routinized forms of rape culture produce conditions for actual rape; and the slow march of economic and political exploitation incites violent resistance and, in turn, that violent reaction can be deployed to justify oppressive changes to immigration policies, and so on.


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    Associate professor of Geography, Pennsylvania State University