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Post-Doctoral Research Scientist in Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University

I earned a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Medical Biotechnology at University of Trieste in north-east of Italy, working firstly in a cancer research lab, and secondly, in a biophysics lab where my passion of nano-molecular objects started, along with my Atomic Force Microscopy experience. Then, I continued working on DNA origami technology to successfully create a Localized Surface Plasmon Resonant (LSPR) switching device triggered by DNA oligonucleotide molecules, obtaining, in this way, a PhD in Nanotechnology from University of Trieste in 2015. In January 2016 I started my international research experience working as a Post-Doctoral associate for 3 years, in the group of Kislon Voitchovsky at Durham University in UK, where I investigated the biophysical properties at the nanoscale of soft matter in bio-synthetic models extensively using Atomic Force Microscopy. After a short 6-months period in AFM bio-physics lab at INSERM-Marseille institute in France, I joined Micron School of Materials and Engineering at Boise State University in August 2019.

My research interests are passionately focused on utilizing the renowned DNA origami technology to create composite materials with specific functions. I engineer DNA origami structures to make them excellent tools to answering key research needs. I use my experience in DNA origami decoration to optimize the fine equilibrium between shape, structure and functional activity, in combination with characterization skills that I have gained in Atomic Force Microscopy, Optical/Fluorescence Microscopy as well as Super Resolution techniques. Here at Micron School of Materials and Engineering I am specifically interested in engineering and optimize DNA origami structures, in combination with DNA-PAINT technique, to produce digital Nucleic Acid Memory (dNAM). We believe that Super Resolution Microscopy and DNA molecular recognition can create a completely novel data-storage material!


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    Postdoctoral Research Scientist in Materials Science and Engineering, Boise State University