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Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi

Professor and Director, Institute for Research in Natural Resources, Agroecology and Rural Development, Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro

I am motivated by research to achieve the ecological, social and economic sustainability of agricultural and forestry systems. My studies deal with agroecology, beekeeping, biodiversity, interactions between plants and insects (herbivory, pollination, pests), statistical models, quantification of services
and their contribution to human well-being. I am interested in connecting with politicians, producers and consumers so that research has an impact on quality of life. I dedicate a good part of my time working ad-honorem in intergovernmental scientific-political platforms, associations, on radio shows, etc. From the age of 18 I have participated continuously in university teaching, with emphasis on models and quantitative aspects. I actively contribute to the training of human resources and university management.


  • 2015–present
    Director, Instituto de Investigaciones en Recursos Naturales, Agroecología y Desarrollo Rural (IRNAD)
  • 2011–present
    Professor, Universidad Nacional de Río Negro
  • 2011–present
    Researcher, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET)