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Assistant Professor of Engineering, George Mason University

Lucas Henneman’s research focuses on air pollution and health. He is most interested in telling success stories—for example, about how environmental regulations have improved our air quality and health—and the opportunities to create more success stories by identifying air pollution sources that make people sick. His day-to-day research leverages large datasets and computer models to track pollution after it’s emitted to where it is breathed in by people like us. For example, he found that emission reductions at coal power plants over the last twenty years have left the entire country healthier and increased life expectancy.

Henneman studied environmental engineering through his PhD and then landed a job in public health right after graduation. Through the experience, he learned the importance of communicating complex environmental phenomena to a multidisciplinary audience. He is passionate about giving students the tools they’ll need to measure, model, and communicate information about the environment so that they can lead the world to a healthier future.


  • 2020–present
    Assistant professor, Environmental Engineering