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Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader BA in Interior Design, Manchester Metropolitan University

Lucy Gannon is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader BA (Hons) Interior Design at Manchester School of Art, where she predominately teaches final year students in realizing their ambitions. The course is concerned with the occupation of space, how it is used and importantly, how it is experienced. The course promotes the understanding and subsequent remodelling of existing spaces, in order to create meaningful interventions.

Lucy shares her time between academia and the creative practice Broadbent Studio, where she forms part of a small design team. Broadbent Studio has a strong design philosophy with a varied and rewarding portfolio. Lucy has significantly contributed to a number of projects surrounding placemaking and storytelling such as Seeds of Hope, Daresbury Linear Park: Light Gardens, Bradford Pit Memorial, Propellors of the City, and most recently Pilgrim Porch in Chester Cathedral.

Lucy’s practice by nature is cross-disciplinary, and she takes on a range a roles from facilitator, listener, mentor and researcher to designer, visualiser, communicator and maker. She is a member of the Manchester School of Art, Design Research Hub, and sits under the theme of Community, Culture and Heritage.

Re-occuring themes through her research and outcomes surround memory in the everyday and the physical act of remembrance. Lucy is interested in the notion of memory, the materiality of memory and the link to environments and identity. She is concerned with how our living identity is informed and how it defines or affects future living. Through analysing the act of movement and dwelling, she intends to create environments that encourage an investment of time and a sense of enquiry or promote activity. She recently spoke at a AMPS conference with Stephen Broadbent on the paper 'Encapsualting memorry to forge future identities.'


  • 2018–2023
    Senior Lecturer , Manchester School of Art
  • 2022–2023
    Programme Leader, Manchester School of Art