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Senior Lecturer in Structural Design - Program Director for Architectural Engineering, University of Liverpool

Dr. Luigi Di Sarno received:
- Laurea (with Laude) in Structural Engineering at the University of Naples, Federico II.
- MSc in Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics (2000) and Structural Steel Design (2001) at Imperial College, London
- PhD on Structural Engineering from the University of Salerno, Italy, jointly with Imperial College, London, UK in 2001.
He was Post-Doc at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, where he was Visiting Professor between 2004 and 2014.
Dr. Di Sarno has collaborations with several institutions world-wide, e.g. UIUC (USA), UC at Los Angeles (UCLA-USA), Bristol (UK), Imperial College of London (UK), University College of London (UK), University of Toronto, (Canada), NTUA, Athens (Greece), KOERI, University of Bogazici (Turkey) just to name a few.
Dr. Di Sarno is also Adjunct Professor at INTEC, Santo Domingo.
Dr. Di Sarno is a member several International Scientific Committees.
Currently funded projects include:
- Partnerships Recovery and Resilience Funding Scheme (2020). BIO-COncrete for REsilient and Green WALLS for infrastructure (BIOCOREWALLS) - PI.
- ODA Research Seed Fund - SustainAble and ResilieNt Digitally-Enabled Off-SiTe Modules for EffIcient DElivery of HospitalS (SANDTIES) - PI.
- ODA Research Seed Fund - The effects of climate change on existing critical infrastructures of developing nations - PI.
- ODA Research Seed Fund - Strengthening organizational and community resilience - first-responder actions in emergency/disaster management - Co-I.
Dr. Di Sarno has authored more than 200 research publications, including 50 refereed journal papers, many conference papers, research reports, book chapters and field investigation reports. He has co-authored with Professor A.S. Elnashai the book: Fundamentals of Earthquake Engineering, Wiley & Sons.
Dr. Di Sarno is member of the following International Committees/Working Groups:
- American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Performance Based Design for Structures;
- American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Seismic Effects on Structures;
- Working Group WG 11 of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering - Seismic design of bridges;
- Special Activity Group (SAG) of Federation International du Beton (FIB) - Composite Steel and Concrete Structures;
- Disaster Management Advisory Group of the Pan American Health Organization (World Health Organization).
Dr. Di Sarno is a Member of the Editorial Boards of several international Journals and is also Associate Editor of:
- Annals of Civil and Environmental Engineering;
- Shock and Vibration;
- Advances in Materials Science and Engineering;
- Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering;
- KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering;
- Frontiers in Built Environment Editorial – Earthquake Engineering.


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    Senior Lecturer in Structural Design - Program Director for Architectural Engineering, University of Liverpool