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Madhura Lotlikar

Ph.D. student, Neuroscience, McGill University

I am a Ph.D. student in the program of Neuroscience at McGill University. I hook people to EEG electrodes and put them inside MRI scanners to see how their brain changes after exercise and sleep loss. Before working in human research, I was a molecular biologist researching on Alzheimer's disease. I would hold a pipette and pet my lab mice at the University of Southern California and then at Harvard Medical School. Now, I miss wearing a lab coat and dexterous hand movements unique to a molecular biologist.

In the past, I worked as a production director and writer for the Science Rehashed podcast in Boston. After attending the ComSciConCAN conference in Canada, I continue to indulge in various forms of science communication and organizing outreach events in Montreal. I believe that science deserves to be in a casual conversation at breakfast between families and should pervade cafes and bars in the form of an open dialogue between scientists and the society.

Outside the lab, I put on a photographer's hat, ramble through cafes and read books. Please suggest me a good book!


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    Ph.D. student, McGill University


    McGill University, Neuroscience