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Maiken Mosleth King

Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Bristol

My PhD research, supervised by Dr Shelley Hales and Dr Silke Knippschild, centres on Egyptian funerary stelae from the Roman period, using the site of Terenouthis/Kom Abou Billou as a case study. I am exploring how the inscriptions and iconography are used to construct and express the social identity of the deceased, with particular focus on gender, religious identity and ethnic identity; I am also investigating the effects of linguistic interference from the Egyptian language on the Greek language in Terenouthis.

I have previously completed a BA and MA in Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, where I specialised in the ancient Egyptian language and literary texts. My BA thesis investigated the concept of divine kingship in didactic literature from the Middle Kingdom period. My MA thesis, supervised by Dr Roland Enmarch and Prof Christopher Eyre, focused on the themes and motifs in the Late Egyptian literary text 'Tale of Two Brothers'.

My research interests are diverse and include ancient Egyptian language and literature, cross-cultural contact in the ancient Near East and Mediterranean, language contact in the eastern Mediterranean and Near East, Hellenism and Greek language in Egypt and the Near East, comparative Semitic philology, religion in ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean, Coptic language and literature, early Christianity, the reception of ancient Egypt and archaeology in modern visual media, and the reception of ancient Egypt in 19th and 20th century spirituality and religious movements.

My linguistic competence is broad and includes Egyptian hieroglyphs, Coptic, Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew, Phoenician and Classical Arabic.

In addition to my academic research I am actively involved in the outreach programmes Access to Bristol and Classics for All, delivering workshops to schools in the South on a wide range of topics related to the study of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. I also regularly teach courses in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and give public lectures on a range of topics related to Egyptology and ancient history. For upcoming events and courses, please visit and

I am on the board of the Friends of the Petrie Museum, UCL as Secretary-Treasurer. In addition to this role I am also on the judging panel for the category Classical Studies and Archaeology of the Global Undergraduate Awards, an academic awards programme which aims to connect undergraduate students across national borders and academic disciplines.


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    Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Bristol