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Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering- Materials and Solid Mechanics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Wherever you look there are Materials –Literally.When a Mechanical, Civil, Chemical or Electrical engineer designs any object they must understand the materials being utilized and perform materials selection. Materials are often the limiting factor in engineering and are inherently multidisciplinary requiring engineers to bridge between disciplines and have a broad understanding.

I specialize in Materials and Solid Mechanics. I am a researcher and educator who can take complex scientific concepts break them down, explain them and educate the layperson.

Specific research interests include microscale specimen testing, engineered micro-architecture multifunctional material topologies, disparate phase materials, cellular solids, cork cellular solids, friction stir welding, carbon nanotube-infused multi-length scale composites, ductile fracture and stress triaxiality effects on response.
Examples of our research can be found at

At the UMBC MicroMaterials Characterization Laboratory, my research team focuses on Interdisciplinary research on the micromechanics of materials and structures in order to develop new materials and improve existing ones. Research aimed at experimental characterization of macroscopic behavior and predicting material response (numerical and analytical modeling). This involves the application of mechanics to the most appropriate or across length scales and the use of analytical and numerical methods to compute the macroscopic response. This science-based approach enables design lead optimization of new materials shortening routine experimentation. Optimum microstructures can be forecast rather than found by trial and error.


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    Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County