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Marco joined UWA Law School in 2018 where he teaches Torts, Health Law & Policy, and Risk Regulation.

He researches the law as a tool for the protection of individual and collective health and safety. His research interests include, first, the public private/divide and the public functions of private law, with a specific focus on the interplay between torts and regulation in its modern hybrid and transnational form. Secondly, the evolving relationship between risk, uncertainty and law, and the extent to which legal tools can effectively address emerging risks and the power relations that inspire regulatory action. As a firm believer in the non-neutrality of the law, in his research he also actively engages with the uneasy relationship between the legal and the political.


  • 2018–present
    Senior lecturer, University of Western Australia
  • 2014–2017
    Senior lecturer, University of Seychelles
  • 2015–2017
    Head of department, University of Seychelles


  • 2015 
    European University Institute, PhD / Law
  • 2010 
    European University Institute, LLM