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Honorary Research Associate, University of Hull

Dr Mari Greenfield is an Honorary Research Associate at the Department of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Hull. Her research interests come from her work as a doula, and centre around the individual experiences of maternity care. She has particular interests in exploring different people’s experiences of making choices in pregnancy and birth, traumatic births, and in perinatal mental health. In 2013 she was awarded a scholarship by the University of Hull to undertake doctoral research into traumatic birth and the choices women make during pregnancy and birth following a traumatic birth.

Dr Greenfield has worked as a doula for over a decade, and as a mentor for new doulas with Doula UK. In this role she has worked with many different clients and families, including women in prison, asylum seeking women, lesbian couples, surrogate families and pregnant trans men. She has supported people making a range of choices in pregnancy and birth, ranging from elective caesarean births to freebirths.


  • 2018–2021
    Honorary Research Fellow, University of Hull
  • 2013–2017
    PhD researcher, University of Hull