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Maria Kaspersson

Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Greenwich

Maria Kaspersson gained her PhD with a thesis on homicide in Stockholm between the 16th and 20th centuries in 2000 and then left her native Sweden and moved to London. Her first post was at the University of Portsmouth, Institute of Criminal Justice Studies, and she joined the School of Law at the University of Greenwich in 2005.>

School administrative and supervisory responsibilities

Programme Leader, MA International Criminology and BSc Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
Course coordinator for Foundations of Criminology, Perspectives on Violence and Crime Theory
Member of the Research and Enterprise Committee, Research Degree Sub-committee
Undergraduate and postgraduate dissertation supervision
Level 4 year tutor
Professional and academic associations

British Society of Criminology
European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control
Research/scholarly interests

Maria’s research interests include the history of homicide, domestic homicide and domestic violence, honour-related violence, the Swedish prostitution law, The Dangerous Dogs Act and ‘status’ dogs.

Selected publications

Kaspersson, M. (Dec. 2013) Being at the Centre of Your Own Research: Challenges to reflexivity and the separation of the private and research persona In: Lumsden, K. (ed.) Reflexivity in Criminological Research: Experiences with the Powerful and the Powerless. London, Routledge.
Kaspersson, M. (2009) You always hurt the one you love: homicide in a domestic context. In: Loucks, N., Smith Holt, S., and Adler, J.R. (eds.) Why we kill. Understanding Violence Across Cultures and Disciplines, pp 9–40. Collumpton, Willan.
Kaspersson, M. (2008) On treating the symptoms and not the cause. Reflections on the Dangerous Dogs Act. Papers from the British Criminology Conference, 8, pp. 205–25.
Kaspersson, M. (2008) Prosecution and public participation in early modern Stockholm. In: McMahon, R. (ed.) Crime, Law and Popular Culture, pp. 96–117. Collumpton, Willan.
Kaspersson, M. (2003) The great murder mystery or explaining the decline in homicide in the early modern period. In: Godfrey, B., Emsley, C., and Dunstall, G. (eds.) Comparative Histories of Crime, pp. 72–88. Collumpton, Willan.
Kaspersson, M. (2003) Bilder av barnamörderskor från 1500-talet till mellankrigstiden [Pictures of women committing infanticide from the 16th century until the inter-war period. In: Tiby, E., Pettersson, T., and Lander, I. (eds.) Feminiteter, maskuliniteter och kriminalitet: genusperspektiv inom svensk kriminalitet [Femininities, masculinities and criminality: gender perspectives in Swedish criminology]. Lund, Studentlitteratur.
Kaspersson, M. (2003) Homicide and infanticide in Stockholm, 1920-1939. Journal in Scandinavian Studies of Criminology and Crime Prevention, 3, pp. 135–53.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer in Criminology, University of Greenwich


  • 2000 
    Stockholm University, PhD